Financing Services

On the premise that clients deposit corresponding guaranties, security companies lend capital for clients to buy securities or lend securities for clients to sell them out; purchase leases from suppliers for clients based on clients’ choice on leases and suppliers or buy clients’ article with complete invoices and lease them to clients; lend the trust fund to clients in the way of trust.

  • Securities margin trading
    Owned the qualifications of securities lending and borrowing business, stipulated-repo securities trading and stock pledged-repo business.
  • Finance lease
    Adhering to the operating principle of professionalization, market-orientation and internationalization and relying on the resource advantages of China Huaneng Group, engaging in the upstream and downstream industries of electricity, new energy and energy conservation and environment protection industry chains and deeply digging out the asset value and investment opportunities to provide clients with professional and personalized integrated financial service plans of finance lease, operating lease, business factoring, asset management and technology consultant, etc. Furthermore, the business covered many fields such as wind power, hydro power, photovoltaic, nuclear power, electric power construction machinery and etc.
  • Trust loan
    Widening social financing approaches via highly market-oriented operation and helping many entity enterprises and medium and small enterprises involving real estate, infrastructure and industrial and commercial enterprises to gain capital support. Depending on the professional risk management ability and responsible attitude, greatly lowering the investment risks and financing costs of some enterprises.
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