Asset Management
Security company, insurance company, trust company, fund company, private equity investment company, and etc. work as the asset managers, operating and managing clients’ assets based on the ways, conditions, requirements and limitations stipulated in asset management contract and providing clients with investment management service of financial products.
  • Security traders’ asset management plan
    Engaging in the research on ten industries of TMT (technology, telecom, and media), new environmental friendly material, medicine and health (biological medicine and the aged health care), military industry (high-end manufacturing), automobile, commercial retail travel (consumption industry), energy (electricity, coal and new energy), real estate, metal and finance to develop asset management business based on the macro-economic development direction and Internet financial development. Security traders’ asset management plan
  • Application of insurance fund management
    Accept the insurance company commissioned, entrusted with the management of RMB foreign currency insurance funds, management of the use of its own funds in foreign currency to ensure that the insurance funds to preserve and increase the value.
  • Private equity investment management
    Conducting equity-like investment by setting up limited partnership and trust-based fund, etc; cooperating with government financing platforms based on property right to invest large public infrastructure projects like municipal engineering, public facilities and road traffic projects; concerning the merger and acquisition opportunities in the fields of Internet, software, clean technologies and medical health, and attending equity and asset merger and acquisition using private equity merger and acquisition platforms.
  • Fund management business
    Adhering to the principle of priority of fund holders’ benefit and striving to create a world-class fund management brand relying on perfect company management structure, strict risk control, normative business process, efficient and professional team and opened business culture to provide clients with investing and financing products and high quality services.
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