• Company Mission and Aim
    In accdance with the Group’s “3-colour” cpate mission, to build a modernized finance-management company, which aims to serve the need of community develop scientifically, to be people-iented emphasis on harmony, to innovate advance with the times.
  • Strategic Position objectives
    Based on the Group’s ce business, rooted in the financial market, to suppt the Group’s development perfmance, to become the leader of domestic industry-based-financial field.
  • Business philosophy guidelines
    Based on the safety, to control risk strictly; centered on effectiveness, to enhance overall strength; aimed f the service, to deepen the operation management; driven by innovation, to fm the ce superiity; emphasized on talent, to achieve collabative development.
  • Core values
    To adhere to Integrity, to pursuit distinction
  • Company style
    To be diligent, pragmatic, collaborative, and enterprising.
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