Company Profile

Huaneng Capital Services Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is the professional organization for investing managing the Huaneng Group’s (“the Group”) financial assets the Group’s platform for providing financial services. It is responsible for formulating the development plans for the Group’s financial segment, centralizing the management of financial assets equity interests, allocating financial resources in a rational efficient manner, coordinating cooperating with the Group’s other financial service companies, providing financial services to the Group’s principal businesses.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, the Company registered at the State Administration for Industry Commerce on December 30th, 2003, with a registered capital of RMB 6 billion. In 2012, the Group has increased its capital for the Company to RMB 5 billion, which changed the registered capital of the Company to RMB 6 billion. The Company’s business scope includes industry investment asset management, entrusted asset management, investment planning, information advisory service.

  • Industrial investment asset management
  • Asset trustee
  • Investment planning
  • Information consultation service
Company business scope

For more than ten years of independent operation, the Company relied on core business of the Group, based itself on financial market, respected law of industry development, controlled strictly operational risks realized a fast healthy sustainable development with simultaneous rapid growth of performance scale. Until the end of 2015, the Company had been hold total assets worth more than RMB 92.1 billion, net assets of RMB 27.4 billion, cumulative revenue above RMB 75.3 billion consolidated profit of over RMB 27.4 billion; significantly, this income being one of the important profit sources of the Group.

The Company currently controlled administered 10 different financial companies, which are Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd., Alltrust Insurance Company of China Limited, Huaneng Guicheng Trust Co., Ltd., Huaneng Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd., Baocheng Futures Co., Ltd., Huaneng Invesco WLR (beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd., Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Co. Ltd., Huaneng Tiancheng Leasing Co., Ltd., The Company’s business exps to both traditional financial fields such as fund settlement, financial credit, securities, insurance, trust, fund, futures leasing; rising financial fields such as carbon asset private equity management. Covering extensive financial fields, it has become a complete financial holding company with over 200 branches over 9000 employees in the nationwide.

As one of the leading financial organizations of industrial groups in China, the Company sticks to be professional distinctive by relying on the reputation advantages the business advantages provided by the strong industrial background of the Group. The company take the lead in categories of financial services, business performance, integrated management service innovation within financial organizations of industrial groups in China.

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