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Huaneng Guicheng Trust Corporation Ltd. (“HNGTC”, was built based on the old “Qianlong International Trust Investment Co., Ltd.”), approved by the Peoples Bank of China the China Banking Regulatory Commission(CBRC) as a nonbanking financial institution, was established by Guizhou Provincial People’s Government Huaneng Group in Guiyang, Guizhou Province with registered capital of RMB 3 billion. Huaneng Capital Services Co., Ltd is the controlling shareholder, HNGTC’s main shareholders include Guizhou Industry Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. other 9 State-owned large enterprises financial institutions. HNGTC has established liaison offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Nanjing, Henan Wuxi, has formed business development system with markets where the companies are located as backing with domestic market as support.

HNGTC is engaged in capital trust, chattel trust, real estate trust, securities trust, property trust, assets reorganization, merger acquisition, project financing, corporate finance, financial consultation, securities underwriting, loan, lease, investment, guarantee, inter-bank borrowing etc.

Ever since the reorganization in 2009, HNGTC has established a clear-boundary corporate juridical person administration structure, has built a high-quality professional business management team, has continuously promoted business development, has set up an excellent market image. The company has a cumulative trust scale of 1400 billion, it was the top ten Chinese trust company in the trust industry in 2015.

Huaneng Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd. (HNCAMC) was established on July 9th 2010 with registered capital of RMB 150 million in Beijing. HNCAMC is a carbon asset operational platform in CHNG established in unifiedly according to CHNG’s Green Development Action Plan. It has five shareholders which are all subsidiaries of CHNG.

The main businesses of Huaneng Carbon Asset includes: greenhouse gas emission reduction projects (CCER) development, carbon credits trading, carbon inventory index, contract energy management, energy saving emission reduction funds, energy saving emission reduction project investment, low carbon planning consulting.

HNCAMC’s management objective is to enhance operational benefit of Huaneng Carbon Asset reduce cost of energy saving carbon emission by professional, marketized international operation, based on which HNCAMC broadens gradually the service scope business fields provides relevant markets with carbon assets management, carbon trade, carbon finance, energy saving emission reduction project development other related business service.

Huaneng’s famous br reputation, abundant experiences of projects development, solid power of scientific research technologies, reliable supporting of financing platform, full range of low carbon integrated services capabilities bring enormous competitive advantages for HNCAMC. Moreover, owning a professional team, which ed carbon asset developing operating, energy saving emission reduction project, carbon trade, financial assets managements, will providing a whole industrial chain comprehensive low carbon services in order to become a fist-class comprehensive carbon asset enterprise in China abroad.

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