Alltrust Asset Management Company Limited Company website:

Alltrust Asset Management Company Limited (“AAM”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alltrust Insurance Company of China Limited, making efforts to be excellent in entrusted asset management area. AAM was in the process of preparation in April, 2016, and was officially opened under the approval of CIRC in August, 2017, with registered capital of CNY 300 million and registered address in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province.

AAM is an important institutional investor in domestic capital market, with professional investment teams, rich asset management experience and mature systems for investment management and risk management. Under the steady development of insurance asset management business, the company is working towards a professional, international and innovative asset management institution with lessons from running banks, funds and securities. AAM is exploring new operating modes of asset management and product innovation to chase the reform in finance. And it hopes to improve traditional investment return and alternative investment profitability to realize wealth increment of clients.

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