Cloud Financial Information Service Co., Ltd

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Cloud Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (“Cloud Financial”) was founded by Huaneng Capital Services Co., Ltd., PICC Asset Management Co., Ltd., Tus Science and Technology Service Co., Ltd., Alltrust Insurance Company of China Limited, Great Wall Fund Management Co., Ltd., Shandong Xinneng Taishan Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Yunyuan (Ningbo) Partnership (limited partnership) on January 30th, 2018, with registered capital of CNY 200 million.

Enjoying the fast growth of science and technology, Cloud Financial depends on the strength of the shareholders and the professionalism in financial industry to serve as the internet finance platform. It aims to integrate energy, internet and finance to provide wealth management and life services for clients. Cloud Financial has five business segments, including cash management, financial products, life services, insurance sales and financial information products, concentrating on building a wealth growth platform, a life quality enhancement platform, a financial services platform, a resource integration platform and a mechanism innovation platform.

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